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The Basics of Business Finance – Online Course

2-3 Hours Introductory Skills

This course is designed to give you a good understanding of the basics of business finance. You will learn how businesses are funded and what the money’s used for; how they make profits and generate cash; how to measure business performance; where to find the information you’ll need.  You’ll see how income statements and balance sheets work and you’ll also understand key financial jargon, concepts and commonly used financial metrics. 


  • Develop a good understanding of the basics of business finance
  • Learn lots of key concepts and financial language
  • See how financial statements work and how they are used
  • See how to calculate commonly used financial metrics

What you will learn


  • Overview

Where the money comes from

  • Funding options and characteristics
  • Typical company funding
  • Cost of capital

What the Money is Spent on

  • Types of asset
  • Balance sheet jargon 
  • Depreciation and amortisation
  • Net debt and net working capital
  • Reviewing a real balance sheet

How much profit does the business make

  • Income statement jargon 
  • Who uses what
  • Adjusted profit and EBITDA
  • Impact of changing prices and volumes
  • Income statement analysis
  • Reviewing a real income statement

Does the business generate cash

  • Making profits versus generating cash
  • How cash flows work
  • How the three statements fit together

Is it worth the effort

  • Return on investment
  • Economic profit

Summary and conclusion

  • Where to find the information
  • Summary

How you will learn

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You will have 4 months to complete your course (longer if required).